Benefits of Workplace Wellbeing

Health is becoming an increasingly important factor for employee benefits at work. A healthy, happy workforce leads to an increase in productivity and job satisfaction so a strategic plan to develop this should be imperative for any business – especially since recent UK Government figures indicate that every year, sickness from work costs UK employers approximately £29 billion.

Wellbeing aids good communication
Good communication encourages a positive work culture.

Staff wellbeing leads to better interactions and helps to promote understanding.

Wellbeing can reduce stress indicators

  •     poor performance;
  •     tiredness or irritability;
  •     an increase in sickness absence;
  •     poor time-keeping;
  •     difficulty with work relationships;
  •     mood swings.

Tackling employee work related Stress

For a business, it’s always important to have those who work there to be fit, healthy and happy. This is achieved via a work culture that promotes health and wellbeing through all aspects of their lives. Since most people spend most of their adult life at work, it’s no surprise that they want to be happy.

The Wellbeing GP

Wellbeing Ideas for a healthy, happy life!

Improving wellbeing in the workplace with health, wellbeing and resilience support from Dr Garr.
Tailored workshops and staff health improvement interventions. Wellbeing and resilience workshops and training. Coaching and mentoring.

After her first degree in psychology she then graduated in Medicine from the University of Leicester in 2007 and undertook her foundation years and GP training in Nottingham.
She has an interest in GP wellbeing and occupational health and works as a mentor for the GP-S mentoring service. She also works as a NHS clinical champion for physical activity.
In her spare time she enjoys running, playing netball and keeping up with her two young children.

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