Research Findings

Health at Work – Economic evidence report for workplace health

Health at Work (British Heart Foundation) has teamed up with ERS Research & Consultancy and commissioned a report into the economic evidence for workplace health.

Download the report to find out what absenteeism, presenteeism and staff turnover cost UK businesses each year.

Deloitte: Mental health and employers

Deloitte: Mental health and employers: the case for investment

Deloitte’s research shows more is to be gained, financially and for lowering distress, by intervening early rather than waiting for issues to become serious.

Health and Wellbeing at work – HR view

This report sets out the findings of the CIPD’s eighteenth annual survey exploring issues of health, wellbeing and absence in UK workplaces. The analysis is based on replies from 1,021 organisations across the UK in reference to 4.6 million employees. 

Download report file   Download Infographic